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Money Laundering in the Age of Cryptocurrency

As financial transactions have become more complex, so have money laundering strategies and tactics. State and federal investigators have become quite proficient at flagging certain problematic financial transactions, and the mantra of “follow the money” has always been the lynchpin of fraud investigations. The rise…

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A Spotlight on Recent Notable Medicare Fraud Charges

Well over a year after the first case of COVID-19 reached the West Coast, federal agencies are aggressively responding to allegations of Medicare and health care fraud connected to the pandemic. In fall 2020, the Department of Justice announced what it billed as the largest…

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A Primer on Medicare Fraud in Florida

Last year, Medicare turned 55. The federal program has grown up quite a bit over the years, as it now covers many more medical expenses than just hospital stays. Accordingly, the potential for fraud—and the scope of federal agents investigating Medicare fraud—has also significantly expanded.…

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Responding to a Grand Jury Subpoena in Florida

When the United States Department of Justice prosecutors and Assistant United States Attorneys want to prosecute for a crime, they must present the case to a federal grand jury and obtain an indictment. However, before  that can happen, an investigation into the alleged criminal activity typically occurs.…

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Are You Allowed to Have a Medical Marijuana Card AND Concealed Carry Permit in Florida?

The answer to this is somewhat complicated due to the disconnect between federal and state law on marijuana. You may be eligible to use marijuana for medicinal purposes in Florida if you have a qualifying condition (such as epilepsy, glaucoma, Parkinson’s disease, or multiple sclerosis).…

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Do You Have to Disclose Your Entire Criminal History When Applying for a Professional License in Florida?

One of the biggest risks you can take when applying for some type of professional licensing in Florida is not disclosing prior convictions. Unfortunately, many professionals must even disclose convictions that have been sealed or expunged. This often applies to applicants looking to obtain employment…

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Complaints Against Florida Attorneys: The General Process

As with all licensed professionals in the Sunshine State, Florida attorneys must adhere to the Rules Regulating the Florida Bar, which establish professional standards and requirements. The Rules also include the procedures for discipline when a complaint is filed against an attorney. Any lawyers who…

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Appealing a Professional License Suspension or Revocation

After receiving a notification that a complaint was levied against you as a professional, your heart sinks and you begin preparing for the formal hearing in front of the Department of Administrative Hearings (DOAH). And, ultimately, the worst-case scenario happens: your professional license is revoked.…

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Deadlines for Reporting of Arrests or Convictions for Licensed Florida Professionals

Millions of Florida employees, contractors and business owners are dependent on their professional licensing to operate within their chosen field of employment. From real estate agents to medical specialists, professionals must adhere to the requirements of a state agency, board, or department in order to…

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