I Felt a Sense of Relief Beyond Description

I was referred to Mr. Wax’s law office back in 2010. My case was a very complex Federal case of which I was under FBI investigation for many years (relating to the mortgage crisis of 2008). I had been living with a ‘dark cloud’ over my shoulder for many years due to this investigation, creating a fear sensation one does not want to be living with…depression even kicked in… Mr. Wax came to the rescue, figuratively and literally. Apart from knowing the law to the highest degree, he is a great communicator not only with me, but with the prosecuting team as well. Mr. Wax also helped me maintain confidence, peace and tranquility throughout the case. I honestly feel there is no better Attorney in all South Florida, or the entire country, to have assisted me in my situation. After years of litigation and court appearances, the results of the case were favorable and the dark cloud was lifted! I felt a sense of relief beyond description. I will always recommend Mr. Wax’s services to whomever may need his assistance!


An Amazing Person and Excellence as An Attorney

I feel so very fortunate to have connected with attorney Wax as he is extremely distinguished amidst hundreds of lawyers to choose from. This was quickly realized when I felt and saw his immediate skill, dedication and confidence with regard to my situation. He is a brilliant lawyer, has a deep sense of character and exudes power as soon as he begins to analyze your case or even answering a mere question. When tragedy strikes, or you may find yourself in an unexpected or unwarranted situation, you need to be prepared and clear minded while shuffling through the matter at hand. Attempting to hire a lawyer while in the middle of a crisis can be a very daunting experience and in a panic, it can be even more frustrating and confusing. Fear can quickly take over and cause mistakes. This is why I suggest you go straight to Barry Wax because he has a very aggressive yet balanced approach and a readiness that is impressive and provides you the security and defense you need immediately. He was able to guide me very clearly right from the start. He is an amazing person and excellence as an attorney. Thank you Barry! I will recommend you to everyone to have in their contacts, even for peace of mind.


This Is the Man I Will Call

I gave my case to Barry and not only was he courteous and professional, he took the added time to listen and treat me like a real person. I got the sense that he genuinely cared about not only my case, but myself and an individual that didn’t know all their rights in a particular situation. It is evident that his years of experience played a huge role in him not only handling my case but also getting it dismissed within mere hours! Though I hope to never find myself in another compromising position, I know that should I ever need help THIS IS THE MAN I WILL CALL.


Go To Barry Wax

I fully recommend Barry Wax to anybody who needs the services of a criminal defense attorney. If you need a criminal defense attorney, your life certainly has been turned upside down by the uncertainty, the feeling of being at the mercy of the system, and the worry of not knowing what to do to help loved ones in trouble. Learning that a member of my family was in jail, that is how I truly felt. But I was lucky to have been referred to Barry Wax, a brilliant lawyer and an exceptional human being. He delivered all that he said he would try to achieve and more, and he did so in half the time than it was reasonable to assume, while maintaining a calming and caring presence that was as important as his technical work in helping me navigate a most difficult moment. I would never wish anybody to be caught in a situation like I was, but if you are, go to Barry Wax.


The Absolute Best

Attorney Barry Wax is the absolute best! I state this with very strong conviction after he represented my son. My son was facing a possible federal life sentence. Mr. Wax provided an astute legal approach towards defending my son. He sought the truth and assertively defended us providing a top notch legal defense. He is professional, caring, and always on time for everything. He is always accessible. Mr. Wax went above and beyond his oath as an lawyer to ensure the accuracy of our justice system was served. I feel his work as an attorney is truly his spiritual calling. He is obviously a family man and demonstrated warmth for my family in the time of crisis. Please tell everyone who needs a criminal legal defense attorney that if they want the most intelligent, reliable, respected attorney… call Attorney Barry Wax. This is your life! Put your life in the best hands possible! Those hands belong to Attorney Barry Wax!


The Best

Barry Wax is the most honored attorney that I know. He is completely honest and will guide you in a solid direction. He has a solution for anything. The best. Thank you for everything.


Lives up To His Esteemed Reputation

After an unfortunate incident in our life, we turned to Barry Wax as our representative for justice. From the initial meeting with Barry until the case was closed, he was responsive to our every need. The lines of communication were excellent with Barry as well as his staff. He ALWAYS explained complex legal situations with clarity while answering our extensive amount of questions very thoroughly and with great patience. His expertise in the field and legal knowledge created both confidence and a sense of peace knowing that we were in the hands of a professional. This pertains to time spent both in the office and in the courtroom. In the end, we obtained the outcome we wanted in the courtroom, but we surely couldn’t have done it without Barry. He not only handled himself and every detail of our case professionally but also with the highest integrity and personal compassion. During our time in the courtroom, we observed first hand the great respect his peers and the legal community in general have for Mr. Wax. We can tell you first hand that he lives up to his esteemed reputation. For any further legal needs we have, we would not hesitate to call Barry for additional representation.


Represented Me With the Utmost Professionalism

Mr. Barry Wax represented me with the utmost professionalism . He was very informative and well versed in my matter. He has a calming effect on his clients when he speaks to you. I can also attest that Mr. Wax has a great sense of integrity when it comes to the representation of his clients. He was able to resolve my issue in a matter of days. I can honestly say that without Mr. Wax representing me, I would be in the same difficult situation. Thank you Barry!


Thank You Mr. Wax!

Attorney Wax came highly recommended by his colleagues. I had an extremely difficult case which had great detail in administrative technicalities, where I could have lost my license and had my business destroyed. Thanks to Mr. Wax who always made himself personally available to me, he gave his utmost attention and compassion. He understood every detail with precise skill on my behalf. The outcome was beyond belief!!! He is the ultimate defense, because justice only exists when you have the best representation. Thank you Mr. Wax!!!!!!


Thorough and Efficient

I’ve dealt with lawyers before for different reasons. But out of all the lawyers I’ve ever dealt with Mr. Wax gave me the most confidence. He was thorough and efficient in dealing with my case. Most importantly he was sympathetic and empathic with my situation. I truly felt he cared about my case, situation and me as a person and not just a client. He was always available for me and patient in discussing and explaining everything. He went above and beyond his responsibilities and I am honored and thankful to have been represented by Mr Wax. He was my voice when I had none. I could not have asked for better representation.


1000 Out Of 10

1000 out of 10, both personally and professionally; truly one of rare few that both cares, makes the effort and word kept. Without a doubt the finest gentlemen, from start to finish was there the entire time, between keeping us posted/working, I could feel he genuinely cared all the way through and I couldn’t recommend any one more. Want to sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart and sending all the best wishes!


Just Call Barry

This man. I’m not even sure how to start but by saying, he literally saved my son. He was vested, he cared and most of all he from the first moment had a plan. He is knowledge about the law which is amazing but the best part is he is aggressive and will fight like it’s his own child! That’s doesn’t come around all the time. Don’t wait. Don’t think. Just call Barry because “he is the man”! Thank you for forever.


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