4 Things You Need to Know Before Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Florida

Barry M. Wax

The decision to hire a Miami, FL criminal defense attorney is undeniably an important one. Your freedoms are worth protecting and if you’re in trouble with the law you’re not likely to be able to take on your case on your own, especially when you’re facing felony charges.

At The Law Offices of Barry M. Wax, we could take on a million different cases and focus exclusively on maximizing how much money we’re taking in each year but there’s something exponentially more important to us: taking on the right cases. We don’t just take any case because we know what we do well and we know when a potential client won’t fit in with our firm. The attorney-client relationship is a two-way street and it’s important that both sides go into it knowing what the relationship needs to succeed.

1. Expectations need to be based in reality

One integral factor in getting your case done right is understanding what it means to have a successful case. If there’s a preponderance of evidence against you and very little evidence supporting your defense then the expectation that you will face zero legal consequences for your actions is not an expectation based in reality.

We fight for our clients – period. We will fight for every inch we can take and make sure our client gets the best result available for their case. Sometimes the best outcome involves facing lesser consequences than you would with another less experienced attorney and other times it involves complete exoneration and restoration of freedom.

It truly depends on the reality of your case and what evidence is or is not readily available. When you attend the initial interview with an attorney, be sure to be honest with yourself and your attorney about your case’s realities. You are protected by the attorney-client privilege so everything you share with the attorney will remain confidential. Being open and honest will only inure to your benefit and enable the attorney to give an honest – albeit preliminary – opinion.

2. Your attorney is on your side

Your attorney holds your future in their hands. They’re not going to neglect the importance of your case, nor will they make any decisions that aren’t in your best interest.

You should be entirely comfortable with your attorney. This means being honest but also being open to information you may not like if they provide counsel that may go against what you want. An attorney with extensive experience and knowledge of the legal system can filter out any steps that would waste your time and money.

This also includes being a listener. Your attorney needs to hear your case from your perspective, but you should be a part of the two-way conversation instead of trying to force a one-way conversation. Your family and friends who are also involved in the case must understand this as well – this way everybody gets the best out of the circumstances at hand.

3. Attorney fees cover more than your meetings with your attorney

Your future is worth your money. That doesn’t mean the more you pay an attorney the better chances you have of succeeding, but you ultimately get what you pay for in the legal system.

An attorney who takes on just about any case for a small fee likely won’t have the time to give your case the special attention it deserves. Instead, experienced attorneys know charging more and taking on fewer cases allows for the necessary attention to be paid to each case.

You aren’t just paying for the time you’re in a room with your attorney. We will be spending long hours researching the necessary case law, researching your circumstances, speaking to witnesses and experts, and investigating the facts, to ensure that every necessary step is taken to secure the best possible outcome. For every hour we spend in court we are spending at least TEN hours outside of court preparing (and likely more).

4. One piece of evidence can mean different things to different people

This one returns us to point number one on this list, but it’s important to specifically mention this. You may think you have evidence that works heavily in your favor, but the prosecution may view the same piece of evidence in a different way. Every piece of evidence is capable of multiple interpretations – some favorable and others unfavorable.

A famous example of this is the glove in the O.J. Simpson trial. At least one member of the prosecution believed the glove found at the crime scene, when placed on Simpson’s hand, would prove that the glove belonged to him. The defense knew that circumstances over the passage of time would make it impossible for the glove to fit on Simpson’s hand, thus “if it doesn’t fit, you must acquit.”

An experienced attorney can help you interpret the evidence in your case honestly and accurately. At The Law Offices of Barry M. Wax, we bring experience, knowledge, and personal attention to each and every case. We give people in trouble the ability to make the right choices and regain control of their lives. Contact our team today.

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